At Tapping with Tina's Ballerinas, we have very high standards when it comes to our teachers and curriculum. All dancers will learn correct terminology and technique in a fun atmosphere for any age. 

Why Choose Us

We have 9 different locations and teach 5 days a week. Each location has several different class times that cater to school and work schedules. No matter what your schedule may be, we have a time, day  and place that will work for you.

The best dance education does not have to be the most costly. At Tapping with Tina's Ballerinas, you can expect to get exceptional classes at rates that are far less than what you might pay elsewhere. Tuition is only $40 per month. Other studios may charge hundreds of dollars for your child to perform and compete, however, we keep your expenses to a minimum.




Our goal is to be your only choice when it comes to dance classes. Having built our reputation on an exceptional environment, we make sure to stick to three main points: Quality, Availability, and Affordability.

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