Christina Stemmler is the Co-Director of Tapping with Tina's Ballerinas. She has been dancing for 28 years and teaching for 16 years. Since the age of 3, she has always leapt at any opportunity to perform.

During Christina's dance career with Tina, she has won numerous awards such as: Regional Top Student Choreography Award, Silver Metal for Small Group Jazz routine and Outstanding Junior Performance in 2006 Viva Las Vegas World Promotions. In addition to her competitive achievements, Christina performed in 3 Paul Mitchell Hair Show Fundraisers and in the Minneapolis and Las Vegas auditions for America's Got Talent. Christina treasures and uses these unique experiences to expand her dance knowledge so she can pass it down to her students. 

Tina Stemmler is the Dance Director of Tapping with Tina's Ballerinas. She began teaching 33 years ago, after graduating from Webster University with a B.A. in Dance. In addition to her dance degree, she is Dance Master Certified.

Tina was placed in a small dance program at the age of 3 and has been dancing ever since.

Now, her goal is to give back to her community and bring the same memorable and affordable opportunity she had as a child.

Tina Stemmler

Christina Stemmler